Gayle-Storm Holds Papers

Gayle storm holds

Rangpur’s first match could not play due to yesterday’s touring. Chris Gayle why not? It is known that the papers are related

Chris Gayle arrived in Dhaka yesterday morning. He could not play in the morning and the match against Chittagong Vikings at noon. But why is Gayle today Rangpur Riders XI?

The player named Rangpur riders has shown that Gayle has been named Faraden Hossain as the 15th player in the dressing room. There is no way to talk about this issue with anyone in the group while running the match. However, BPL Technical Committee and BCB media committee chief Jalal Yunus said in the first light that the Jamaican opener did not have the eleven, his non-payment certificate (NOC) had not arrived in time. He does not have the nonpayment certificate in this match. Rangpur has taken the matter naturally. ‘

Rangpur, who felt the need of Gayle, is understood to have seen their innings in two matches. After being all out for 98 in yesterday’s match against Chittagong, the current champions could make 169 for three wickets against Khulna.

Gayle has played for Rangpur in the last BPL. The start was simple. But in the last two matches, Gayle did not give up just three centuries to watch the storm; He made Rangpur a champion in favor of money. Gayle is seeing the storm surge this time. But the paper is not enough to storm!

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