BPL does not have ‘Ultra Edge’ to save money!

Steve Smith

In the BPL, the discussion on DRS is quite different. There is a DRS, but there is no ‘Ultra Edge’ or ‘Snikometer’! Why not, the original reason is known.

At the beginning of the BPL, the performance of the players will be discussed in two issues – Mirpur wickets and Decision Review System (DRS). Low scores are nothing new in Mirpur’s wicket! The new one, the DRS. For the first time in the BPL, the DRS is well played almost every match!

DRS is used to make the right decision. But the DRS of the BPL has become a laughing spirit. There is no DRS but there is no ‘UltraAge’ or ‘Snikometer’. Hotspot is either dropped or dropped. Some people jokingly say, this is the hospital without the doctor! The third umpire has to decide whether to go out or elbowle slow slow motion and the sound!In the first match in Sylhet, Touhid Hridoy LBW and Comilla’s Steve Smith were given the same out-of-order.

Comilla coach Mohammad Salauddin did not want to say anything about how Smith was out, but he understood why there is no technology used in the DRS, ‘We had talked about it (before the tournament). But here it takes a lot of money to bring SNICO or Ultraja. This is probably the people who are doing it. It has already been talked to us about it. We have nothing to say. ‘ Salauddin also said what had happened, ‘Then we said that the DRS is going on, it is not a gain, but a lot. Perhaps the decision is just coming out in Leg Batter, the rest is doubtful. ‘

BCB sources said, Salahuddin did not say wrong, because the reason for not having UltraAge or Sniko is money. The technique used in DRS, such as Hawk-Eye, UltraAge, Hot Spot, and audio-if all wants to be used together, the cost per match will be about 10 thousand dollars or eight lakhs. In the entire BPL, 46 matches cost around 4 crore. If you do not use expensive technology like Ultra AGS, then half of the cost comes down.

Asked about the BPL Technical Committee and BCB Media Committee Chairman Jalal Yunus this morning, he said, “We have told them (broadcast authority). They said using slow motion. If they do not cover them, they will arrange ultra-az.

Discussion and criticism about the DRS The BCB may soon take the initiative to add Ultra Edge. But it should have been from the beginning. Comilla coach Salahuddin said, ‘Now the time has come, we must have these. We have become a middle income country, they should stay. ‘

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